Online Proctoring

Online Proctoring

  • The E-learning revolution has arrived and it has become almost inevitable that the university or institute giving out the certifications would want their reputation to be intact for the students attending the courses online. On the other side the students would want a trust worthy completion certificate of any course they have attended online. Online proctoring helps with just that.
  • Online proctoring help students get connected to certified proctors from the comfort of their homes with the same strictness of an examination hall while keeping the integrity of the exam and reputation of the university or institute unblemished.


  • Online proctoring helps the students by providing them ease of access and convenience, so the students including the differently abled students can attend the examinations from within their comfort zones with their time preferences.
  • The students are assigned their dedicated proctors with unprecedented experiences in this field, having a ratio of 1:1 rather than 1:20 this results in better invigilation of the students attending the exam and preventing any unethical means.
  • The integrity of the universities or institutes remain flawless with experiences assessors performing quality checks through rigorous auditing.
  • To help the instructors, the entire examination is recorded and reviewed helping them to distinguish the honest ones from the ones who are not.
  • Our customer support team is well versed with the difficulties and ready to support anyone at all times of the day, our technical support teams brings to the table easy accessibility as well as clarity

Why us

  • We do not like to blow our own trumpet, but our services are at par with the industry standards. We provide proctors that have many years of proctoring experiences under their belt as well as advanced technology for better invigilation.
  • All the students have their identities authenticated so that no person would get away with the effort of another.
  • We also take it a step further by keeping a database where all our exams are recorded, they are then closely observed by the second level quality team called assessors, only after passing through them is the exam process considered to be complete.
  • Our team who works with the utmost patience and persistence 24*7*365, being available anytime of the day or night.
  • Apart from this we provide technical support to the students, for calibration of their devices to our software and other troubleshooting issues before, during and after the exams are completed.
  • This not being all, we also make sure that all and any information from our students and the exam content are encrypted and not shared with any third parties, their information is safe and secure all the time.
  • Finally, to top it off we tailor all our services according to the requirements of our client through our exclusive account managerial services where each and every client is assigned a different account manager for quality services.



Our organization customizes proctoring solutions according to the instructor’s desires meaning they can be designed to accommodate all their needs and also be scheduled according to their convenience. No data leaves our own database, we secure all the data by encryption and all of it is done in house so that it is not shared with any third parties


Taking tests have never been easier, the ability to appear for an exam from one’s own comfort zone could help many students who cannot make it to the examination centers. This would especially be beneficial to the differently abled students as well as those who have societal phobias.

The 4 step process helps in easy accessibility and working of the tests without any hindrances.

24*7*365 proctoring services and tech support helps anxious students to take tests without any hiccups.

Corporate organization and Certification authorities

Since not all tests are universal nor are their rules, we decided to customize each test according to the specifications of our clients. We can easily customize it to any given scenario. Our platform can cater from to the needs of certification authorities to corporate organizations and even professional institutions.

Customized Solutions

Since not all tests nor their rules are universal, we decided to customize the test according to the nature of the institution.We can personize it according to the educational Institutes examinations, professional organizations taking tests for internal job promotions, certifications or even go so far as to cater to the needs of professional certification authorities.