ProctorPro Solutions

Pro Authenticate

  • This solution is made for keeping the integrity of the student’s identity.
  • We shall make sure no fake identity or wrong identity concerns come up for the client.
  • We shall also make sure the environment in which the exam is taken is completely evaluated to maintain the sanctity of the tests.

Pro Express

  • Taking our services up a notch, we also proctor tests along with authentication.
  • Here the students will be checked for their identities as well as supervising the tests, but no active prevention will be done as the exams are recorded and reviewed later by the proctor and assessor for cheating if any takes place. Should there be any such activity, the same will be logged and the details will be sent to the concerned team along with the recording.
  • Here we shall provide services from authentication to supervising/customising different tests.

Pro Absolute

  • Giving our clients, an end-to-end support would be another service of ours.
  • The Pro Absolute would include authentication against identities, live supervising/customising the different test and lastly preventing any unethical conduct during the exams.
  • Supervising so that cheating does not take place, also after this the examination recordings are sent for our second level checking staff, to our assessors.
  • Once the Assessors have given the thumbs up to the exams, the recording and the logs can be reviewed by the organization or authorized individual